Support the Emergency Water is a Human Right Act

On April 17th H.R.6552 - Emergency Water is a Human Right Act was introduced to the house.

To prohibit water shutoffs during the COVID–19 emergency period, provide drinking and waste water assistance to households (116th Congress 2D Session)

An panic buying has continued across the nation under quarantine, low income communities continue to struggle to meet basic needs. The EPA indicated a low risk to water supplies and encourage the continued use of tap water for general and drinking purposes. The EPA has also encouraged drinking water systems to restore service to previously shut off communities in order to practice hand washing sanitation practices and sustain drinking water under quarantine. Detroit continues to observe water shut offs despite committing to restore services under the pandemic in early March. Executing a restoration of these services has proven difficult requiring enrollment in a program that is not reaching all residents.

The CDC has also reported that COVID 19 has been observed in feces and untreated wastewater. However, continuation of standard treatment will work to decontaminate the water.

At this time the Emergency Water is a Human Right Act has been referred to the Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment and cosponsored by 68 democratic representatives.

How can you support this act?

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